HemäLiner H2 DermaGuard Locking

The HemäLiner H2 DermaGuard is a liner made from soft medical grade silicone. The H2 DermaGuard liner is designed for active users and for users with sensitive skin . The H2 DermaGuard liner is designed for transfemoral amputation and for K1-K3 activity level.  The antibacterial additive incorporated in the silicone protects the skin and avoid the formation of the bad odours.   
The H2 DermaGuard liner is available in 3mm and 6 mm version.


  • For sensitive pressure bony residual limb with poor soft tissue cover
  • For conical residual limb 
  • For bellow knee amputation
  • Mobility Level: 1 to 3


    • Soft medical grade silicone gel
    • With antibacterial additive
    • Silicone Liner with distal locking
    • Silicone Liner with nylon Textile cover
    • Easy to clean and to handle